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Understanding your skin

Our skin – our body’s biggest organ – is an amazing thing. Protecting us from the outside world, it also connects us to the people and things that we love. Here you can learn more about your skin and some common skin conditions.

Dry, chapped and rough skin

At Bepanthen we have developed scientifically-researched formulas, to give your Dry, Chapped and Rough Skin a helping hand.

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Skin irritations

When skin irritation becomes chronic, it can make everyday life difficult. Learn how to prevent the discomfort and unsightly appearance of skin irritation.

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Why is my face itchy?

Facial reactions, red blotches, itchiness or rashes can be caused by a variety of reasons. Even stress can cause affect your skin.

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Your skin’s structure

We wouldn’t be who we are without our skin. Our skin is the body’s biggest organ, and it performs many functions.

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