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Dry, chapped and rough skin

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All day, every day, our skin does a miraculous job of looking after us, sheilding us from the stresses of the wider world. But sometimes life takes its toll on our skin, and it can easily become dry, chapped and rough. This can be uncomfortable and leave you vulnerable to infection, as germs can get into the small fissures on the skin’s surface. That’s why we’ve developed our scientifically-researched formulas – to give your hardworking skin a helping hand.

What causes dry, chapped and rough skin?

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Dry, chapped and rough skin is casued by a lack of moisture and fat in the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin), and is most common on the hands, elbows, shins, heels and face. Factors which can influence this are:[D1]

  • Cold weather
  • Central heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Stress
  • Friction with rough fabrics and surfaces
  • Hormonal changes such as menopause
  • Ageing (which naturally reduces the skin’s moisture content)
  • Spending too long in chlorinated water [11]
  • Hot baths and showers

Preventing dry, chapped and rough skin[E1]

  •  Regularly use moisturiser on your whole body, especially on areas prone to dryness, roughness and chapping
  •  Drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated
  •  Do not use soap or aggressive chemicals on the skin
  •  Do not shower more often than you need to and keep the water temperature lukewarm instead of hot
  •  Avoid exposing the skin to extreme cold, rain, sun or wind

Caring dry, chapped and rough skin with Bepanthen Ointment

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No matter how careful you are to prevent dry, chapped or rough skin, some people are simply more prone to it than others, and when it happens, it’ll need effective care.

Our Bepanthen Ointment will give you the relief you need. Its active ingredient pro-vitamin B5 promotes the natural healing process by stimulating the regeneration of new skin cells, giving your skin a helping hand in what it does best. Pro-vitamin B5 also creates a protective film over the skin, stopping moisture escaping, preventing further drying and helping to stop bacteria and other aggressors from permeating the skin.

Apply Bepanthen Ointment with clean hands several times a day, or as often as needed.